Oskar Jurgens Testimonial

I have always liked wearing my hearing aids and have experienced significant benefit from wearing them. The new Pride Wireless hearing aids are so good, they are almost like my God-given ears! The clarity is impressive.

Lyle Marquardt Testimonial

Written: August 2015 “It changed everything! I don’t have to say “what”, “huh”, or “say again” anymore. T.V., radio at a lower volume, makes it better for my family’s ears.  I didn’t realize how bad my hearing was. Thank you for changing Every Thing For The Better!”

Janet Larue Testimonial

Written: August 2015 I’m very happy with my hearing aids from Hearing Unlimited. Your personnel are professional, thorough, efficient, and caring. Thank you for your great service.

Oskar Jurgens Testimonial

Date Written: 7/15/2015 I really like my hearing aids and the way they perform. And I really like the service. When I come in for my check-up everyone is friendly. If anyone I know, needs hearing aids, I highly recommend Hearing Unlimited.

Kastner Verdell Testimonial

Date: 7/13/15 I’m very pleased to have these hearing aids. It makes quite a difference. Sondra takes good care and checks them when necessary.

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